“Master the design of winter wreaths - an easy step by step guide”

Philippa Craddock knows how to make an entrance. The self-taught florist was responsible for the cascading arch of greenery that decorated the facade of St George’s Chapel, in Windsor, for Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Now, to celebrate her series of downloadable workshops, she is offering a wreath-making lesson that will make your front door fit for a royal visit this Christmas.


Filmed in our Sussex studio and the surrounding woodlands and forests, we are excited to launch our first digital workshop - full of inspiration, with easy to follow steps to create a traditional outdoor winter wreath. We teach you how to moss a traditional base, how to source and select the best seasonal foliage and ingredients, how to perfectly secure additional decorations and finally methods to look after your design. At the end of the workshop, you will have all the skills to create your own design (or for current florists, to perfect your work for others), year after year. We focus on traditional methods, combined with our own techniques and sustainable options, which we have perfected through creating designs for our clients including Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Vogue and Christian Dior.


Once you have bought the workshop, you can watch it immediately. We will also send you a link via email, for you to watch again and again on any of your devices. You can pause, rewind and watch your workshop as many times as you wish, anywhere in the world. We film in high definition and we stream it for you, so you never need to worry about downloading and storing a large file. SCROLL DOWN to the bottom to watch an introduction to the workshop; the full workshop you purchase is just under 25 minutes in length.


This workshop is perfect for complete beginners and florists looking to perfect their skills when making a traditional festive outdoor wreath.

Above is a short introduction to the full length digital workshop. We have included the most important techniques and the key traditional methods, sharing our own experience (we have purposefully removed anything unnecessarily complicated and focus on our down to earth approach), to help you create a perfect design with ease.

customer feedback & reviews

I can’t thank you enough for the video - it’s great as it’s not pressurised and shows what beginners can do without being judged. This workshop is fantastic at demystifying the making of wreaths and making the use of foliage around. We run a small flower farm on Dartmoor and this will now allow me to give classes next Christmas as we grow all the ingredients for the wreaths but up to now I’ve only had the courage to sell the foliage, but now we can get creative.
— The Moorland Flower Co. (Devon, UK)
This was so exciting to see you in action and watch the beautiful wreath materialise. From your walk in the woods collecting the pieces, the music, the commentary was like a dream. Was just out yesterday cutting branches. Now this gives us even bigger ideas for our next project. Thank you so much.
— Sharon (New Jersey, USA)
Just watched the whole workshop, wonderful, an absolute pleasure, thank you.
— Pilar Currea (Bogotá, Columbia)
Wow, how beautifully made, with all the details and affordable; thank you with all my heart.
— Sylvia Wan (Texas, USA)
I just bought it, watched it and LOVE it! I love the layers of texture. Can’t wait for more videos and thank you for the affordable price point!
— Re+Bloom Couture Florals (Philadelphia, USA)
I am learning so much from you, as a home gardener with a love of flowers, but limited knowledge of arranging them, I am so excited about your digital classes.
— Sandy Devaney (New Jersey, USA)
So beautfiul! Thank you for sharing.
— Virginia Abuela Feliz (Frontera, Argentina)
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the Christmas wreath tutorial. I have been gathering greenery from the gardens of friends and family. I am really pleased with wreath I have created.
— Tracey Marshman