We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and ideas, to help you embrace flowers and have fun with floristry. We have created a series of quick how to guides, focussing on seasonality and sustainability, for you to follow at home. Scroll down to watch.

We also create Digital Workshops, detailed guides over multiple lessons, filmed and edited together with downloadable steps and mood boards.  Where our Quick How to Guides are simple insights, our Digital Workshops are in-depth lessons to help you truly master floristry. Our new Digital Workshop - HOW TO MASTER HAND TIES - is now available - please follow the link below to learn more.



Featuring a preview of our new digital workshop - Hand Tied Bouquets & Bunches. The workshop is a must if you are looking to perfect and gain confidence with the most important technique in floristry. Follow the five chapters to learn and fully understand the art of perfect hand tied bouquets and bunches for you to continue developing your skills with confidence and ease. You will master compact bouquets, wild and loose hand-gathered bunches and asymmetrical shapes, across a variety of colour ways. We also include an e-booklet, sharing all the mood boards behind each design, the same mood boards we use in our own work.

LINK to pre-order and view all the details.


british tuliPS

We talk with Jo Munson, from British grower Smith & Munson, learning about her family business and exploring the best ways to look after and display tulips. Now five generations in, Smith & Munson specialise in growing premium quality cut tulips and lilies. Jo is passionate about growing and she and the team go to great lengths to look after their flowers, all housed inside an array of glasshouses in the depths of the Lincolnshire countryside.

LINK to the Tulip Vases as featured.



Walking around London just now, there is mimosa aplenty in all the florists, the vibrant yellow with its intoxicating fragrance. Here we show you how to create a vase grouping using just mimosa, focussing on contrasting colours with the coloured glass of the vases, creating a perfect design for your hallway or placed on a dresser.

LINK to the main green moulded vase used.

Note: apologies for the sound, a better microphone is on order for future Guides!



We show you how to get the best out of your hellebores, using a series of small ceramic bottles. Hellebores are mesmerising and one of my favourite winter blooms, but they can prove tricky to display, particularly with their soft stems, large leaves and bowing heads. I demonstrate one way to get the best out of these perfect, delicate flowers, using a collection of simple, small arrangements.

LINK to the ceramic bottles used.

TIP FROM A HELLEBORE GROWER “If you are picking hellebores from your garden, wait until they have formed seed pods, then dip the cut stem in boiling water for ten seconds, this releases air and allows the flower to drink water more efficiently.” THE MOORLAND FLOWER CO.



Learn how create an asymmetrical vase arrangement, following the contorted shape of these beautiful Icelandic Poppies. I explain how to work with the natural shape of the stems and how in turn the stems support each other in the vase, without the need for internal wire or foam, to create a bold, playful design.

LINK to a similar collection of vases (not identical) - for the arrangement.