Decadent Pink Roses

Decadent Pink Roses

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Our new Decadent Pink Roses. The elegant and beautiful, large headed Sweet Avalanche roses, grown by our leading farmers.  Select twelve or twenty four rose stems, up to 65cm in length, with the fullest of flower heads.

Presented in our gift box with ribbon, care instructions and a notecard. We place all our flowers in a natural, clear gel which cleverly keeps them perfectly hydrated, without water spillage.  

GUARD PETALS - every rose comes with outer guard petals, which protect the flower as it grows.  Some florists remove these as they can be considered a little non-perfect, we though always leave the guard petals in place as they support the inner petals and aid full blooming.  You can of course remove the guard petals if you prefer, simply by pealing them away.

(N.B. Vase not included, for suggestion only)

UK DELIVERY ONLY - This product cannot be shipped internationally

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