We have hunted worldwide to find the best floristry scissors and without doubt this award winning design from Japanese designer Sakagen tops them all.

Elegant, light and robust, Sakagen scissors are effortless to use even with the toughest of stems. With very sharp, short blades, the fluororesin coating keeps them in tip top condition and the ingenious high carbon steel blade (which continues up through the inside of the handle) ensures their toughness and durability. Complete with a leather blade protector to fasten when not in use and a handy canvas bag to keep them safe.

For use, the tips of the scissor blades are designed for cutting softer stems and the lower part of the blades are designed for cutting thicker, tougher stems such as woody branches. The index finger of your ‘cutting’ hand should sit on the external groove on the outer side of the scissor handle.

CAUTION: Scissors contain functional sharp points and edges; contact may result in injury. Handle with extreme care. Adult use only. Keep away from children.

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