philippa craddock MAGAZINE

Over the coming months we will be introducing you to some of the people and brands we love and work with - a passionate bunch of designers, growers, artists, editors, writers and makers - with design, flowers, plants, fragrance and well being at the core. We will also be sharing a selection of new exhibitions, books, seasonal recipes and easy-to-follow floristry tips. All via a series of Podcasts, mini films and published articles - forming our Magazine.


podcast series one - MAGGIE HOBBS

Philippa talks with Maggie Hobbs, co-owner of the extraordinary Kenyan flower farm Tambuzi Roses. Maggie and her husband Tim are at the forefront of Welfare, Fairtrade and environmental concerns. There is a strong and important focus on sourcing locally, but it is not always possible - in these circumstances we must look to overseas growers who embrace sustainability.

We have been lucky to work with Maggie for many years. They grow some of the most beautiful, highly fragrant roses in the world and are constantly exploring innovative practices. Maggie’s story is fascinating and inspiring, and it will undoubtedly change the way you think about buying flowers.


podcast series one - alice vincent

Philippa talks with Alice Vincent, Telegraph writer and author of “How to Grow Stuff” and soon to be published “Root Bound”. They meet in the Saatchi Gallery, London, just before their talk at the recent Stella Live exhibition.

Alice shares her love of house plants and how she creates gardens in tiny spaces. Her city apartment - aptly named The Treehouse - is full of propagated plants. She tends to them fondly, describing them almost as friends, each with individual personalities (her Golden Pothos can get “too big for its boots”) - her enthusiasm is contagious. Luckily for us, here she shares her knowledge - which plant to buy as a newbie and straightforward caring tips. Tending to your plants can become a new way of starting and ending your day, helping you to start gently and then finally to switch off.



Featuring a preview of our new digital workshop - Hand Tied Bouquets & Bunches. The workshop is a must if you are looking to perfect and gain confidence with the most important technique in floristry. Follow the five chapters to learn and fully understand the art of perfect hand tied bouquets and bunches for you to continue developing your skills with confidence and ease. You will master compact bouquets, wild and loose hand-gathered bunches and asymmetrical shapes, across a variety of colour ways. We also include an e-booklet, sharing all the mood boards behind each design, the same mood boards we use in our own work.