WHAT IS the creative MEMBERSHIP club?

The Creative Membership Club is a monthly subscription that we created to provide you with our own tried and tested ideas to successfully and happily manage your own creative business (it’s not just for florists!), we want to offer all our help and support. We have called it a membership club because it is our way to better connect with you, we want to share our story with our audience all around the world. Each month you’ll receive a personalised email that will include a selection of real life business ideas, personal development plans, video tutorials, expert guest contributions and a host of special gifts and workshop discounts, from us to you!

WHo is the creative MEMBERSHIP club for?

It is designed for everyone with a creative mind - if you have a fledgling idea and would love help and inspiration to get started, you are working from your kitchen table and looking for ways to grow, you are established with a team around you and now looking for additional ideas and support, or you form part of a team within a creative business and would love to grow your own role. It is everything I wished I had!

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(Home & office based ideas - image from Norm Architects, The Kinfolk Office Gallery)

(Home & office based ideas - image from Norm Architects, The Kinfolk Office Gallery)

monthly video tutorials

(Easy and fun to watch, rather than endless pages to read - Filmmaker Freedom)

(Easy and fun to watch, rather than endless pages to read - Filmmaker Freedom)

exclusive gifts for you

(A selection of different gifts will be available online, for everyone worldwide)

(A selection of different gifts will be available online, for everyone worldwide)



(Wellbeing management - hiking along the Melbourne Coastline, Rich Stapleton)

(Wellbeing management - hiking along the Melbourne Coastline, Rich Stapleton)

guest contributors

(Meet and learn from inspirational people - including Ginnie Chadwick-Healy, VCH Style)

(Meet and learn from inspirational people - including Ginnie Chadwick-Healy, VCH Style)

workshop discounts

(Our own and other creative workshops - including our Hand-Tie Flower Digital Workshop)

(Our own and other creative workshops - including our Hand-Tie Flower Digital Workshop)



After my first child, I launched an online plant gift company, for customers to send beautifully packaged plants. Within two years, this concept morphed into a flower business from my kitchen table. Without prior floristry experience, it was a steep and exciting learning curve. Ten years later, I have built a highly respected company and an incredible team; we work with iconic brands and publications, supplying designs and products to be most recognised retailers and clients in the world …



A friend once said to me “if you already know how you are going to achieve your goals, they are definitely not big enough”. I love this mantra and have since tried to live by it every day. The power of those words are really exciting, they gave me an incredible sense of freedom and the motivation to dream big, without feeling intimidated or self conscious. I am excited about sharing my own goals with you and the tools to help you develop your own …



Most people are not natural sellers, nor feel comfortable when it comes to talking about their own skills and strengths. I used to be very shy and often felt very out of place, I forever looked at others for guidance until one of my previous managers, who was incredibly kind, encouraged me to find my own way of doing things …


april’s email

Your brand story is everything, it is your biggest asset and reinforces honesty; it helps your audience to understand who you are, your offering and what makes you stand out. BUT, it might also take a little time to develop, for you to gain a really good understanding of what’s important to you and your overall ethos. It can also be tweaked and refined over time. This month I am really excited to talk to other creative entrepreneurs, each at very different stages of their brand development, all of whom I have the upmost respect for and who have created strong and inspiring brand stories …


MAY’s email

Despite being a florist, a role known for its early starts, I was not a natural morning person. Instead, I always preferred to work through the night, being more of a night owl. I read so many articles and books though about the productiveness and well being of morning people. So this year I have strived to change, particularly with the excitement of becoming even more productive and happier in myself. There was one instrumental book I picked up at the end of 2018. It had such a dramatic and positive change to my life, almost immediately, I am really excited about sharing the same steps with you …


JUNE’s email

The question I am probably asked the most “how do I gain editorial coverage for my products/service”. We got some great coverage in our early days and many assumed my background was in PR or I had great contacts - neither unfortunately were true (straight from university, I survived a six month placement with a marketing company, I was terrible and mainly made teas and coffees - definitely a far shout from the glamorous world of PR!). I discovered though that it was very straight forward to have my stories and products featured in a variety of publications and I can’t wait to share these with you …


JULY’s email

My father was an incredible explorer, both in his profession and free time. From an early age I was lucky to have been taken on exciting trips, where he always stepped away from the mainstream destinations and looked to explore more unusual places. I am a strong believer that you have to get out and explore, it helps inspire creative concepts, your eyes have to see new things to be able to create new ideas. Regardless of your available budget, getting off the beaten track and taking yourself outside of your comfort zone is really important …


AUGUST’s email

I talk to two highly regarded and loved nutritional experts, one who focusses on the food you eat and the second has created an extraordinary range of natural food grown vitamins and supplements, both their brand stories are inspiring in their own right. I also talk to an personal trainer who discovered the significance of exercise and well being in her early 40’s - I don’t think there is anyone she couldn’t inspire to exercise more regularly …



In a creative world, visual content is everything. This month I talk to three incredible photographers, each focus on a different area of photography. They share their tips on how you can take great photographs, to brilliantly market your products and brand ...


OCTOBER’s email

The most used social media platform in the creative industry. You will be guided by a selection of experts to help you fully understand this genius app. Each will explain how they have mastered different techniques and help you to improve your audience engagement, expand your following and ultimately grow your brand ..


NOVEMBER’s email

Eeek! This is by far my weakest area, I still find meetings with accountants the most tedious part of running a company. But, it has to be taken seriously, particularly if you are employing others and their salaries are dependent on ship-shape finances. I talk you though how I manage this area and I share a few stories of our own, both ups and downs, good ideas and mistakes you needn’t make yourself … !


DECEMBER’s email

This is such a tough one, my friends means everything to me, but something has to give and as so often in life, it is unfortunately about compromise - it is impossible to manage a business, giving it all the devotion and attention it really needs and run a busy household with three children (I appreciate others will have plenty of different commitments, these are just mine!), whilst at the same time being in regular contact with friends, BUT I have found a fun, creative solution … !