the new craftsmen - GLASS MEADOW

COMING SOON - the first in a series of expert partnerships masterminded by The New Craftsmen, bringing together masters of their craft to create exceptional products. The New Craftsmen asked us to work alongside glass artist Jochen Holz to create a series of unique and one-off vases, drawing on our experience with flowers and vegetation. The collection launches on 7th March, and will be available online and within the Central London showroom of The New Craftsmen.

‘Glass Meadow’ is an installation of 21 vessels made from free blown borosilicate glass. Functional forms sit alongside playful decorative vessels of varying shapes and heights to create an undulating landscape of glass. When filled with water and flowers, the organic fluted vessels have a jewel like quality suspending and refracting light and colour. Each vessel is unique and possesses its own spontaneous energy enhanced by the display of carefully selected flowers. Creating a dance between fleeting beauty and the permanence of these durable glass objects.

THE NEW CRAFTSMEN - champions of craft and its makers, since 2012 they have injected energy and dynamism into the contemporary craft scene in the UK through their unique vision and approach to the commissioning, curation and sale of British craft. Their values of humanity, integrity and imagination have underpinned their mission to showcase exceptional work, support the growth and success of their makers, and forge distinctive partnerships that can help build a new appreciation of craft in the 21st century.

JOCHEN HOLZ - is an award-winning contemporary glass artist producing vibrant, organically shaped lampworked glassware and artworks. Jochen originally trained in lamp working in Germany before studying glass at Edinburgh College of Art and The RCA. After graduating in 2003 Jochen established his studio in East London. Jochen’s approach to design is guided by the lampworking process and the flowing forms of hot glass. Each piece is a one-off with a unique, spontaneous energy.

THE PROCESS - Jochen favours borosilicate glass due its resistance to heat and suitability for lampworking. Lampworking is a technique in which glass is heated using heat and torches, with Jochen being one of few makers practising the method in Britain.

“Improvisation means the risk of failure, which energises the process and keeps my practice alive. I tend to make decisions during making, allowing an improvisational flow into the work. It’s about navigating possibilities and restrictions of the material, identifying ‘moves’, and staying very much in the present.”